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Mission & Objectives

The specific objective of the William Meredith Foundation shall be to honor a great Connecticut artist, the late poet William Meredith by establishing an arts center in his memory. The William Meredith Center for the Arts, like Yaddo or the MacDowell Artist Colony will keep the flame of generosity and artistic camaraderie burning at Riverrun, William's home on the Thames where he lived and worked for 60 years and which has just been added to the State Registry of Historic landmarks. Specific projects shall include the following:

1. Establishment of a resident artist program in which writers and artists will be invited to create new works of art and live in the center's housing for an extended period of time, usually for three month stays during which they will be invited to exhibit and perform their work at public events, and academic settings. Invited Meredith Fellows shall receive financial support during their residencies.

2. To sponsor poetry readings, art exhibitions and educational programs during the year to provide cultural enrichment through a diverse selection of artistic programming.

3. To construct an artist's residence at Riverrun, Mr. Meredith's home in Uncasville and the ultimate purchase of the estate for staff offices and housing.

4. To foster an appreciation for the work of local and regional artists and provide opportunities for them to present their work, as well as foster artist exchange programs internationally, particularly with the Republic of Bulgaria where Mr. Meredith was made a citizen by presidential decree for his work in the culture.

5. The William Meredith Center for the Arts will increase the number and diversity of cultural activities in our communities and publicize them broadly. The invited artists will make great contributions to the cultural life of our community. The center will serve as a retreat where young artists can practice their art in the same spirit of peace, equality, and serious endeavor that characterized William's life and work at Riverrun.

Detailed descriptions of projects planned for the Foundation

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