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A Holiday Note from the President
on the 99th anniversary of William's birth,
January 9, 1918
2018 Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Well, here it is. The annual round robin, catch-­-up letter that most people dread having to get through. So, I’ll try to keep it short (ha and ha.)

I’m in West Palm. I had been scheduled to take a Writer­-in-Residence position at a university in Mexico, but after further dialog, it became clear it was not for me. Long story. But I rented my apartment as of Jan 15 with a view toward flying to Mexico and so now I must leave early. I may be back in April or I may just rent it for the year and continue on north. Ah, the gypsy life.

Our little press (Poets-­ published ten books since 2016 (FIRST, DO NO HARM, TO START WITH, FEEL FORTUNATE, A WAY TO HOME, New and Selected Poems, REUNION, A Memoir ,THE BANQUET, CAFÉ SELECT, REFLECTIONS : Paintings & Poems from a Poet's Gallery, BABUSHKA’S BEADS: A Geography of Genes, New and Selected Poems, HARBINGERS, AFRICAN CAKEWALK) This included my own memoir REUNION which describes the rise of Donald Trump and my travel to Bulgaria to carry some of William’s ashes to the Rila Monastery. This year’s William Meredith Award for Poetry will be announced January 9th, the anniversary of his birth. We had readings in different venues, and the new Bulgarian Ambassador announced that the embassy would be our permanent home to announce future Meredith Awards.

We began a capital campaign to keep the foundation ( afloat: (www.gofundme/WilliamMeredithCentennial) and continue activities for 2019 – the Centenary of William’s birth. You’ll find lots of interesting archival information there if you visit.

That’s about it, work wise. The screenplay I’ve been working on for several decades has won two internet competitions and if I can finally find a producer, may end my perennial financial challenges. I may need to sell one of my properties this spring. “Things change,” runs the cliché. But so far, I’ve kept all the balls in the air and am happy. My friend Nancy remains a big part of my life, I’m looking after my health, and my little dog Sydney continues to be a joy for me. I miss the two dearest of the recently dead, my mother and William. But they are still with me. How could they not be?
Love really does make the world go round. I hope it is sustaining you too wherever you are, whatever your circumstances. Here is some from me.

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